Andrew Grella

Andrew Grella is a founder of Formen Inc., a company that specializes in men’s makeup and grooming products.

Grella’s venture was driven by a desire to address the gap in the men’s makeup market, creating products that are easy to use and effective in both on-camera and off-camera settings. Formen’s products are designed to be low-maintenance and cater to a range of skin imperfections, making them accessible and appealing to a broad demographic.

Grella’s entrepreneurial journey began at a young age. He was influenced by experiences from his elementary school and university years, which shaped his business acumen and led to the creation of Formen. His approach to business is deeply personal, with a focus on building a brand that resonates with consumers on an emotional level. This connection is evident in the way Formen engages with its audience, offering solutions that are both practical and discreet.

Formen’s product line is diverse, catering to various aspects of male grooming and skincare. The brand offers products such as male concealer sticks, CC creams, facial shine removal products, and a range of skincare items including under-eye masks and anti-aging creams. These products are manufactured in the United States and Canada and are available internationally, with Formen having a significant online presence as well as distribution in select physical stores in the USA and Canada.

A notable aspect of Grella’s business model is his commitment to addressing a wide range of consumer needs. He has expressed surprise at the diverse demographics that Formen appeals to, ranging from younger consumers to those in older age groups. This broad appeal is a testament to the brand’s versatility and its ability to meet various grooming and cosmetic needs.

Grella’s advice to fellow entrepreneurs in the beauty industry emphasizes perseverance and the importance of overcoming challenges. His personal experience, from handling business challenges to interacting with customers from diverse age groups, offers valuable insights into the dynamics of the beauty industry, particularly in the niche market of men’s makeup.