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Allow us to give you the 411. Whether you’re looking to mask acne scarring, smooth your skin’s texture, or correct discolouration, our products were formulated to address four main common concerns.


Our Brightening CC Cream is the simplest entry point into men’s makeup. This lotion packed with healing properties changes color to match your skin’s natural tone. As you apply and blend, it will provide coverage while surging your skin with skin different skincare benefits.
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Conceal Imperfections

Adult acne, dark spots, and other skin imperfections can be a nuisance on your skin. Formen’s concealer offers lightweight, buildable coverage to mask them discretely.
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Late night? Under eye bags get the better of us, but rest easy knowing you’re covered with this product engineered to camouflage color imbalances. That and a Venti, of course.
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A fan-favorite blotting powder formulated for all skin types, colors and concerns. Pat the day away and effectively rid your skin of excess oil to feel your best from day to night.
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