The Art of Shaving: A Formen’s Tale

Art of Shaving with tools

The art of men shaving can be found dating back to 30,000 BC. Archeologists have even found evidence that cavemen practiced shaving by sharpening seashells or sharpened flint to scrape the hair off of their faces.

It was during this time that the civilized man was born. Instead of relying on the hunter gatherer philosophy that had helped man survive for many years, people started building cities and becoming more civilized.

As time progressed, the methods used for shaving changed and grew with the people. As we became more civilized, razors began being made from metal and the Egyptians even made theirs out of solid gold at times. However, it was Alexander the Great that really spread the love of shaving around the world. He insisted that he would do nothing, even if it meant going into battle, without shaving first.

Because of this, shaving has grown into something that is a normal part of our everyday life and men are somewhat expected to participate in the rituals and traditions that make up the art. Shaving is something that most men do on a daily basis. Since it is such an important part of the daily routine, there are many products available as well as multiple ways that men can complete the shaving process.

In days past, one of the most popular ways to shave was with a safety razor. However, many men have since switched to an electric option because they are easier to use and don’t take nearly as much time.

However, men who rely on electronic versions of the razor are really missing out on a tradition that has many benefits. For starters, men who use safety razors will enjoy a more consistent shave. This means that your skin will be smooth and you will not have all that skin irritation that is common with electric razors.

Also, if you are a person who typically uses cheap disposable razors, you will find that you are able to save quite a bit of money when you switch to a safety razor. The typical cost of an 8 pack disposable razor bag can cost up to $20 depending on the quality of the razor that you are selecting. But, by switching to a safety razor, each double edged safety razor costs no more than a quarter.

You can also save money when you switch to traditional shave gels as well. While it may appear that the costs for the cans that you find at your local box stores are more cost effective, this is actually a misconception. In reality, you will be saving money because you will require less of the product in order to create lather suitable for shaving.

When you do decide to make the switch from a disposable or electronic razor to a safety razor, you will automatically be able to tell a huge difference. It is quite the upgrade and you will be happy that you made the effort to change up your routine.