Find the Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

Aside from healthy, naturally beautiful looking skin, your hair can truly define your look. A new hairstyle can completely change and enhance your appearance but it can be hard to choose a style that both suits your personality, sense of fashion, and natural physical features. There are two main components crucial to identifying the best hairstyle: face shape and hair texture.

First, let’s talk about face shapes. Some face shapes match certain hairstyles more than others. The round face requires a hairstyle that is more angular and “fuller”. Choose a hairstyle that creates more height and is more angular to give your face similar dimension. Men with rounder faces should try a look where the sides are cut short and long and straight at the top. Another way to create more dimension on the face is by finding a hairstyle with a side part. If you aren’t fond of short styles and would prefer some length, parting the hair to one side and keeping the style layered contrasts the roundness of the face.

Oval face shapes have a bit more freedom to play and experiment with new hairstyles. This face shape is a bit more versatile as it is a combination of both rounded face shapes and square face shapes. The ideal cut for a man with an oval face is short on the side and longer on the top. Keep long hair pushed back and away from the face to avoid rounding it out even more.

Square/angular faces are #goals but not everyone is born with a strong jawline and high cheekbones. Men with angular faces and squared out jawlines can pull off most to all hairstyles but I recommend a haircut that is softer, longer, a little bit wavy. Of course square face can pull off the fawx-hawk or buzz cut, but these styles may make this face shape too angular and harsh. Longer hairstyles that have volume can soften the harsh lines and structure of the face. If you have a square face, play around with longer styles and even styles with bangs for a high fashion look.

Hopefully that helped but if you want some more information or see some images for some inspiration, check out this post by Hairstyle On Point!