Find the Hairstyle for Your Hair Texture

Aside from healthy, naturally beautiful looking skin, your hair can truly define your look. A new hairstyle can completely change and enhance your appearance but it can be hard to choose a style that both suits your personality, sense of fashion, and natural physical features. There are two main components crucial to identifying the best hairstyle: face shape and hair texture. We’ve covered choosing a hairstyle based on your face shape, but hair texture can be another factor that determines your final choice.

Wavy hair typically looks and works best with styles that rely on volume and movement. Styles that are meant to be wavy work best since your hair is naturally that texture. Showcase wavy hair with longer hairstyles to create movement and fluidity.

Straight, thick hair can be more difficult to manage and may not allow a lot of freedom to try out longer styles. Short, spiky styles, such as a fawx-hawk, are easier to achieve with this type of hair. If you personally prefer something longer, you will need time and patience to tame your hair to conform to longer looks. Use a lot of condition to soften your hair and make it easier to style should you want to grow it out.

Thin straight hair is like having a square face: you can pull off anything. Thin straight hair is not only versatile, but it is workable. If you would prefer to go for something a bit more effortless or maybe you don’t want to train your hair to be wavy, opt for a simple and short classic cut such as an undercut.

Curly hair, from what I’ve heard, can be stubborn and difficult to style. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Curly hair can look very high fashion and edgy as an undercut or short and natural like Justin Timberlake or James Franco.

But at the end of it all, it is up to you how you want to style your hair and anything can be achieved with practice, patience, and a reputable barber. Don’t choose a style just because it’s on trend. Find something that suits your natural texture and face shape to enhance your look and have fun with it!