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Choosing a cologne can be a bit of a challenge and knowing how fragrances and colognes work can help you choose the scent or combination of scents that best suit your personality, style, and overall aesthetic. Fragrances are formulated and structured with a fragrance pyramid. So think of a pyramid: you have the tip, middle section, and the foundation. Each of these stages represent how fragrance notes (the scents/ingredients) are structured and how they break down on your skin. For example, when you try out a cologne, you are smelling the top notes of the fragrance. As you go about your day, the cologne breaks down and changes into the middle notes, and then to the base notes by the end of your day. These notes have a big impact on what the cologne reminds you of and how it matches the occasion you wear it. For example, some colognes are best suited for the winter. These colognes have notes that are more woodsy, musky, and heavy. Summer fragrances on the other hand or more airy, light, and citrusy. The same can apply for night and day scents.

But choosing a fragrance solely based on descriptors and adjectives is still tricky. I mean, everyone loves the smell of sweets but not everyone wants to smell like it. Here are my top 3 picks for fragrances based on personality and style type:

The City Man: Burberry Brit Rhythm Intense for Men

For men that like the liveliness and fast paced atmosphere of city life, this fragrance works with that environment. Whether you are downtown for business or play, this cologne is versatile and can carry you through most seasons and times of day. Burberry Brit Rhythm Intense is aromatic, fresh, spicy, and slightly woodsy, all of which scream masculinity and class.

The Sporty Man: Allure Homme Chanel Sport

If you live in the gym or on the court, or simply just like athletic wear and want to reinforce that style, this fragrance by Chanel is the perfect match composed of orange, mandarin, white musk, tonka beans and amber. This cologne is citric and aromatic and will last you the whole day. Perfect for the spring and summer seasons.

The Fashionista: CK One by Calvin Klein

You like high fashion, new, and sleek looks inspired by the seasons’ fashion weeks. Well, CK One may be the perfect match that blends masculine and feminine scents in a sleek, minimalist bottle. CK One is both woody and citric, but also powdery and floral with top notes of lemon and bergamot and middle notes of rose, violet, and jasmine.

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