Best Skin Care Routine For Men

Men face a variety of skin issues daily. These can be as simple as razor burns and ingrown facial hair, something concerning such as excessively oily skin and acne, or something as serious as skin cancer. 

Studies have also found that our skins have “unique properties” that make them react differently towards factors such as UV, heat, and stress. This is why men are more prone to things like acne and clogged pores.

Skin care is essential to our overall health and hygiene, and its purposes go beyond just making you look good, especially for men. We must learn how to take care of their skin so that it stays visibly healthy. This starts with knowing the proper skincare routine.

Why Is Skincare Important For Men?

By developing good skincare habits and choosing the right products, you can confidently tackle any skin concerns that come your way. In fact, here’s a quick look at some of the most important benefits of learning proper skin care for men:

Slow down skin aging

Due to higher concentrations of collagen and elastin in our skin, men have thicker skin compared to women. While this means that signs of aging may take longer to appear in men, it’s still a fact that the signs will still show up. A consistent skincare routine can slow down the aging process even further. It can even help prevent some wrinkles from forming.

Avoid oily-looking skin

Men have higher levels of testosterone compared to women. This hormone directly affects the production of sebum, an oily substance released by the sebaceous glands underneath the skin. While sebum is essential for skin hydration, excess production can result in oily, shiny skin. This surplus oil can then lead to problems like acne, blackheads, and other blemishes. A proper routine can keep your skin clean, which can prevent oil buildup.

Gain more confidence

If you want to feel great, you need to look great, and the first step to looking great is clear skin. Thus, it’s important to keep the most basic of skincare routines up.

Plus, it’s easy to appear more professional if your face isn’t shiny or covered with acne. If your work involves a lot of people-facing, then proper skin care is even more crucial.

Stay away from serious skin issues

Overexposure to the UV rays of the sun and the pollutants in the environment can cause major problems for your skin, from drying to skin cancer (with constant exposure). By learning how to take care of your skin and applying the right skin care product, men will be able to stay away from serious skin.

Best Skin Care Routine For All Men

There are many kinds of skincare routines for men of every age and skin type. Some are simple and won’t take up a lot of time and resources, while others are designed to handle certain kinds of skin conditions. Below are some of the best skin care routines we’ve tested. 

We’ve decided to divide this section into three categories: basic, intermediate, and advanced skincare routines. The effectiveness of the skin routine and skin care products you use will increase with every level, but so will the time and effort that needs to be put into the activity. Choose the skincare routine that suits your needs and preferences.

Basic routine for men of every skin type

Wash your face with a gentle facial cleanser and moisturize before you sleep. This is the simplest skincare routine any man can do, even if they have sensitive skin. Just be sure to use warm water when you wash to prevent your skin from drying out.

Washing your face will help remove excess skin oil, dirt, and dead skin cells from your face, so continue to look clean and fresh. 

Choose a facial wash that contains Vitamin C, which helps regulate the production of sebum. Products that contain Aloe Leaf can also naturally moisturize your skin and prevent it from drying out. 

Then, apply your moisturizer. This ensures that your skin stays hydrated and avoids getting dried out under the heat of the sun or in places where there’s dry air. You can also use an anti-aging cream to prevent wrinkles from appearing or make them less visible.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see immediate results after the first try. The positive effects of your skincare routine will become more noticeable as you stick with it over time. In fact, you should start seeing the difference in 30 days or less.

Intermediate routine for men

Men who want to look fresh day in and day out need a routine that’s a little above the basics. Aside from the above steps, add the following to your routine:

  • Wash your face in the morning
  • Exfoliate once a week

Let’s quickly go over what these mean.

In the morning, wash your face to remove dirt, oil, dead skin, and other impurities from your face. You may not notice it, but your skin secretes a lot of oil and sheds skin while you sleep. If you fail to replace your covers on time, your face will also be exposed to debris during the day.

Then, once or twice a week, exfoliate your skin. These dead cells will clog your pores, preventing any skincare product from doing its magic. A scrub will work on your body. For your face, there are usually gentle exfoliators (like glycolic acid) you can use to massage and scrub the dead cells off of it. 

Avoid using “facial” scrubs—or those with large, irregular-shaped particles or beads—as these are sometimes too aggressive and can potentially harm your skin.

If you have facial hair, shaving it off will help exfoliate your skin as well. 

If you have very curly facial hair, use shaving creams to soften it before shaving with a single-blade razor. This will prevent the development of painful razor bumps. Otherwise, you can use razors with multiple blades for a closer, cleaner shave. 

Then, remember to finish your day off by washing your face in the evening and applying your moisturizer. Doing this removes all the skin care treatments you applied earlier in the day, along with the dust, dirt, and facial oils that have mixed with them. These essential steps also keep your skin from drying out.

Advanced routine for men

Our “advanced” skincare routine is for men who want their skin to be in the best condition at all times. But the extra steps are actually not very complicated; it just needs two extra products. 

Again, you’ll want to take all of the steps we’ve detailed above, namely:

  • Wash your face in the morning and before you sleep
  • Exfoliate once or twice a week
  • Moisturize at night

Then, before you moisturize at night, add the following steps: 

  • Apply a hydrating serum
  • Put on eye cream or a mask

There are a variety of serums you can use for your face nowadays. Some of them are meant to make your skin look less saggy, while others are designed to pull out deep-seated moisture so that your skin stays hydrated better compared to when you rely on moisturizer alone. 

In any case, a facial firming serum will help your face look tight and in its prime. If your skin tends to dry up, especially during warm days or when the air feels dry, hydrating serums can also bring out moisture from within.

Now, let’s talk about those eye creams and eye masks. As you know, eyebags normally appear when you stay up too late or when you’re stressed. Since both are unavoidable on most days, use products to at least prevent yourself from looking like a zombie—no makeup necessary.

When choosing an eye cream or under-eye mask, look for those that contain nutrients, including Vitamin C, Co-Q10, and collagen, which are all known to be good for your skin. 

Essential Skincare Products For Men

Thanks to the availability of skin care products in the market today, taking care of your skin doesn’t have to be difficult. Here’s a quick look at some basic products you need to have.

For those with oily skin: Formen Vitamin C Facial Wash for Men

Formen’s Vitamin C Facial Wash is a specially formulated product capable of removing deep-seated dirt from your face. Not only is it useful as a facial wash, but it also has some exfoliating properties that help remove things that clog your pores, like oil and debris. Vitamin C is also a well-known antioxidant that protects your skin cells from environmental damage. 

For those with dry and wrinkled skin: Formen Anti Aging and Wrinkle Cream for Men

Formen’s Anti-Aging and Wrinkle Cream for Men lives up to its name. It’s a lightweight, non-greasy cream specifically crafted to combat and reduce the aging process responsible for wrinkles and sagging skin. Packed with moisturizing and healing ingredients, this product is designed to keep your skin looking youthful and refreshed.

For those with visible under-eye bags and dry skin: Formen Under Eye Mask for Men

For men who tend to stay up late because of their activities, Formen’s Under Eye Mask for Men offers a solution. These small jelly-like patches are infused with skin-nourishing ingredients like Shea Oil, Co-Q10, and Collagen, which helps reduce your eye bags. Make sure not to doze off with them on, as they might slip off.

For those who need maximum skincare protection: Formen CC Cream for Men

Formen’s CC Cream for Men is a multifunctional product that brings together the benefits of a moisturizer, the mattifying effect of our Male Blotting Powder, the coverage of our male concealer, and the sun protection of SPF 20. It’s an all-in-one skincare solution that can be applied to your forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin.

General Skincare Tips For Men

Knowing which skin care products to use and when to use them aren’t the only important things to maintaining healthy skin. Here are some skincare tips to add to your daily routine:

Wash your face whenever necessary

Never just wash your face in the mornings and before you sleep. Wash it whenever it becomes too oily or sweaty or after you exercise or play sports with friends. Doing this prevents dirt from settling and clogging your pores. 

Eat a healthy diet

The food you eat contributes to your overall skin health. If your diet is composed mainly of fatty food, expect to get oily skin, especially on a hot day. 

Incorporate foods rich in vitamins A, C, and E, as well as fiber, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory substances like omega-3 fats into your diet. These can be found in a variety of foods, including berries, sunflower seeds, shellfish, watermelon, tomatoes, broccoli, and even the Korean fermented dish called Kimchi. Kimchi, in particular, is a great source of probiotics as well, which promote better gut health.

Drink a lot of water

If you want your skin to stay moisturized naturally, you need to drink a lot of water daily. In fact, studies show that men should drink about 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) of clean water per day for maximum hydration. 

Suppose you’re the type to drink soup and other liquids; those count as well. Just be sure to avoid consuming too many sugary beverages (and foods), as this can cause skin inflammation.

Get enough sleep

We know how much of our daily activities keep us up well into the night. However, it needs to be said: if you want glowing, healthy skin, you need to get enough sleep for that to happen. After all, your body needs the right amount of rest to recover and continue with its natural processes, such as shedding. Thus, get at least seven hours of sleep daily.

Wear sun protection

Overexposure to UV rays can speed up skin aging. It can cause sunburn and dark spots at best and cancer at worst. These UV rays also do not get blocked, even if it’s cloudy or snowing.  

So, aside from wearing sunscreen with an SPF above 20, you need to have other means of skin protection when you’re walking outdoors. These can include hats or caps, clothing with anti-UV elements, or even umbrellas with UV protection. 

Wrapping Up

When you learn the right skincare habits and establish a proper routine, you’ll effectively shield your skin from problems and keep it healthy. These habits will also enhance your appearance, giving you that confidence boost you need to face challenges head-on.


Do men need a toner?

It depends on how oily your skin is. Toners further prevent the production of oil on your face. If a face wash is doing a good job for you, then you don’t need a toner in your routine.

Can men use retinol? Can it affect sperm production?

Retinol is an anti-aging beauty ingredient that can be found in many skin care products such as serums and moisturizers. And while the internet might spread rumors that topical retinoids and retinol can affect male fertility, there are no studies that directly support this claim.

What type of moisturizer is best for men?

Rather than a moisturizer that is “best for men,” you should look for a product that is best for your skin. Some moisturizers have ingredients that are better for sensitive or dry skin, for example. Explore your options and choose the product that satisfies your personal needs.