The origins of Gin and Tonic

Holland was the first location where alcoholic gin was manufactured in the 17th century. However at that time, gin was produced for the treatment of stomachaches and gout. It was not used for pleasure purposes. The drink was then mixed with different flavors including the mixing of juniper by the Dutch to make it tastier for the patients of stomachache.

Gin and tonic drink has become very famous for pleasure purposes. When juniper is added to the gin, it becomes more palp
able and therefore pleasurable as well. An easy way of making a gin and tonic drink is my gathering some simple ingredients and making it ready for pleasure. All you have to do is get a glass of water with a lot of ice cubes. Mix some portion of gin and tonic in the glass. Add a lemon to make it acidic and therefore the drink becomes palpable. While juniper can be added separately as well, gin works as a drink made out of juniper berries. Therefore, the added flavor is yummy and makes digestion easy.

The reason why tonic is added to this drink is to make the drink taste like a soft drink. Tonic is basically carbonated water. This drink contains quinine and therefore is also a good ingredient for improving digestion and other stomach conditions.

The amazing thing about this drink is how it tastes marvelous and is very refreshing. Apart from making all your stomach problems go away, your taste improves and your health is revitalized. You will be able to enjoy the refreshing and smooth taste of this rink while curing your stomachache. Easy to make and amazing to drink, this drink is definitely what you need.