The Rise of Cosmetics For Men

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Personal grooming, cosmetics and skin care products have always been huge industries all over the world, predominantly for women. But more than ever, men are becoming more interested in these products as they begin to pay closer attention to their appearance. Meaning the market for male grooming is moving past just shaving and fragrances. Have you seen the men’s makeup kits?

According to Google’s 2017 trend report, based on most popular searches across the world, Men are searching more and more for skin care related products like cleansers, moisturizers and cosmetics. Now this doesn’t mean all guys are interested in decorative makeup like eyeliner or eye shadow for their everyday life, but it does mean that guys now have way more solutions for taking care of common skin issues. If you feel like you have issue with oily skin, adult acne and dark under eye circles, you’re not alone! A lot of guys report having trouble with all of these common skin imperfections. The days of simply having to live with these problems are over guys!

This is great news, why should personal grooming, treating your skin right and looking fresh be reserved for women anyway? I mean, if Steve from Stranger things can use Farrah Fawcett spray in the 80s to coif that perfect head of hair, guys today can feel confident and comfortable adding proper skin care and makeup application to their morning routine.

Men in South Korea and Brazil have embraced this trend with open arms for several years now. It is estimated that Korean men use an average of 13.3 beauty products every month. Men in countries like the U.S, France and Japan are increasingly becoming excited about these trends too. And luckily for guys everywhere, more and more amazing brands like FORMEN are designing products just for men to solve any unwanted skin issues and enhance male features, in a natural way. Using these products is simple and easy, yet very effective in getting the results you want, amazing, glowing skin, and the confidence to match.

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In the wise words of Steve, ‘’Use the shampoo and the conditioner and when it’s damp, DAMP, not wet, use four puffs of the Farrah Fawcett spray. But you tell anyone I just told you that and your ass is grass, you’re dead. You understand me?’’ Just kidding! Tell everyone, we all like to look and feel good. Okay… that’s it with the Stranger Things references.

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